How we work

Numinow believes in interiors
that make an impact and keep inspiring.
They push boundaries for every client
and still create an interior fitted to your needs.

Design Concept

In this phase all the necessary information will be collected
to establish the project vision. This involves meeting with the client,
analyse the site and create a 2D floor plan with a supportive look & feel.

Design Presentation

We bring the project vision into life.
What exists as an idea first is brought into reality through 2D floor plans, realistic renders, moodboards and materials.
This includes a furniture and styling schedule for every space.
With a complete budget/ cost overview.

Design Documentation

Incorporating any given feedback from the client into the design.
We meet with suppliers and contractors to get
a more clear look on the costings and lead time.
We provide them with all the design details
and documentation that they need.

On-Site Quality Control + Placement

We assist the contractors throughout the construction proces
to ensure the design is executed as intended.
Frequent on site quality control with follow ups on a regular base.
We order all the approved pieces and organise the delivery.
At the end of the design proces we start with the final touches.
Curating decorative objects & art works.

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